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The Blue Ridge Studio offers a wide range of classes in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern and Broadway Dance for pre-school age children, through adult.

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2022-2023 Class Schedule



Back to Class

Back-to-Class Guidelines can be found below. Please be sure to check out our YouTube video outlining returning to class here.
Entry: Parents are asked to bring their child to the Main Street Front Entrance 10-15 minutes before start of class. Please maintain a social distance of at least 6 ft. while waiting.
Masks/Face Coverings: These should be worn by everyone, age 10 & up for entry and exit into the building. We urge students to wear their masks or face coverings during class, but will make exceptions for those suffering from asthma or other respiratory issues. Masks are required unless otherwise specified.
Students should be dressed and ready for class: The dressing room is CLOSED, so all students should be ready for class, including hair. Street shoes will be removed and changed prior to entering the dance studio. No street shoes will be permitted in the dance studio.
Temperatures will be taken at the Front Door: Anyone with a temperature over 99 degrees will not be permitted into the building. Parents: Please wait for your child’s temperature to be taken before leaving.
Hand Sanitizing: Hand sanitizer will be available at several locations. Students will sanitize their hands before and after class.
Dance Bags: Students are permitted to bring one dance bag, which will be stored in designated areas during class.
Our bathroom will be open: In order to limit the use of our bathroom, we ask that you use the bathroom before coming to the studio, if at all possible. The studio bathroom will be cleaned after every use.
Going Home: After class, students will go to a designated area to change back into their street shoes. Hands will be sanitized again, and they will be escorted down the back stairs to the lobby, where their parents can meet them at the back door. Parents: It is absolutely essential that you arrive on time to pick up your dancer.
What if my child has back-to-back classes? These dancers will need a break between classes, so they will follow the procedure to exit the building (where they can remove their masks), walk around the corner and enter at the Main Street door. For children who are too young to do this on their own, a class helper will escort them.
Dance Bag Essentials: Dance shoes for each class, at least two masks (in case one gets sweaty), a water bottle clearly labeled with your child’s name (the water fountain is closed), a hand towel to wipe away the sweat (it can get pretty hot in the studio).
Please be patient. This is new territory for all of us, and there are bound to be bumps in the road along the way. As always, please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.

Mission Statement

At the Blue Ridge Studio for the Performing Arts, our mission is to provide an enriching and stimulating dance experience that challenges every student and balances a strong foundation in traditional dance technique with creative expression and innovative style.


The Blue Ridge Studio was founded under the principle that all children deserve the opportunity to dance, so our scholarship program was created with that purpose in mind.

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To register to attend The Blue Ridge Studio for the Performing Arts, please complete the Registration Form and Contract and submit them in person, by mail, or by email.

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